Eagle Drive Construction Update
Official Road Construction Website
    Eagle Drive construction is underway. The project will widen Eagle Drive into a 4-lane boulevard type corridor with a raised, landscaped median and sidewalks on each side. The east sidewalk will be extra-wide to accommodate joggers and bicyclists. The improvements will transform the road into a safe and scenic corridor for the City of Mont Belvieu’s residents and visitors. Traffic lights will be located at the new City Park entrance, the Barbers Hill High School, and at Lakes of Champions Blvd.

    Eagle Drive construction has been ongoing for the past 4 months, with most of the off-site work being done. The project will take place in four phases. The first phase of the project is 95% complete and consist of drainage improvements to drainageways and digging new detention ponds. New or improved drainage outfalls are located on Lakes of Champion Blvd., Perry Rd., and the road north of the High School. Detention ponds have been dug at FM 565 south of City Hall and at the end of Perry Dr. near the new water tower.

    Road construction will take place in phases two through four. Phase Four is currently underway. This phase will be from FM 565 to the Coastal Water Authority canal on the two west side lanes of Eagle Drive. During this construction two lanes of traffic will stay open. As the sections are complete medians and lights will be installed. At the completion of the fourth and final phase all four lanes will be open from FM 565 to I-10.  The fourth phase of construction also includes putting in the sidewalks, hardscape seating areas, and landscaping of the median. During this phase all four lanes of traffic will be open as construction of these areas permits.

The landscaping contract for Eagle Drive was awarded on April 15th.  Landscaping will be installed once the hardscaping in the medians is completed. 

2 Week Outlook

Eagle Drive Construction is 80% Complete!

April -May
- Concrete paving of Northbound lanes

-Pour Driveways and Skips on Southbound Lanes

-Finish FM 565 Intersection

-Begin Construction of Transition between FM 3360 and FM 565 Intersection

-Set Traffic Signal Poles at City Park

-Pour Headwalls and at CWA Canal

-Pour Remaining Sidewalk

-Begin Hardscaping Medians.  Includes pavers and colored concrete.

-Install Remaining Seating Stations.